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Strange Loop Talk – Triplestore Testing

I gave a talk yesterday at Strange Loop giving a high level of what I've been working on for the last 6 months. The abstract of the talk was:

Determining what RDF repository to use for a project can be a
daunting task. With so many repository choices, benchmarks and usage
scenarios, where do you start? This talk discusses how Revelytix
answered that question. The talk will cover the test framework
written by Revelytix in Clojure, including a language for defining
tests, a harness for executing the tests and using CouchDB to store
the results. Example Clojure code will be included along with a
discussion around the available RDF benchmarks. The talk will also
discuss the test harness using EC2 instances for cheap performance
testing and how we interpreted those results using Incanter.

It was a short talk, so I went through the material pretty fast, but the slides can be found here.

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