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SICP – Chapter 1

I have began reading through Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs through a study group (a spawn from the Lambda Lounge). A classic computer science textbook, I've wanted to read it for a while now, and I'm amazed that thus far I have avoided reading it. Maybe because it's older is the reason I missed the SICP cut-off. I have to say, I'm impressed with the pace of the book. It's partially a function of the language, but I really like how the text gets the the bare metal, in that it builds everything from the ground up. Scheme allows it to do this in that many things that are syntax in other languages (like basic arithmetic operations) are not syntax in Scheme. Languages like Java have operations like addition and division built into the syntax of the language. My answers to the exercises in the textbook are here. They are written in Clojure and I've been pretty surprised at how closely Clojure code corresponds with Scheme code.

The Good Stuff

Like I described above, Abelson and Sussman getting to the bare metal in terms of Scheme I think is a real benefit. I'm sure it took a lot of restraint to not use the fancy macros or functions early on and start small. I really liked the way that they described the benefits of tail recursion. I have been asked on several occasions to give such a description. I have to say their approach using visuals is much better than mine. I will definitely be borrowing theirs when asked that question in the future. Building on that I though that the exercises that were in 1.2 did a good job of covering how to go about making something tail recursive. I think their coverage of higher order functions was thorough and look forward to them revisiting the flexibility of this in the coming chapters.

The Bad Stuff

I thought their coverage of recurrences and asymptotic growth was particularly bad. I think recurrences are a very tough topic and section 1.22 barely skimmed the surface enough to give an exercise like 1.13. Maybe the students at MIT had a prerequisite that covered that or something, but I spent many hours in grad school trying to understand recurrences and I know I would have been drowning with such a light coverage of the topic. Maybe asymptotic growth will be covered in depth in another section, but I though that just skimmed the surface as well. The only other negative comment I have is that the amount of math makes the book less approachable. I know why they did it, it's the only base that could be built upon easily for them to use their bare metal sort of approach. I also don't think you need a very extensive math background to read it, they don't come in expecting a whole lot. But math is intimidating to many people and just having something that smells and looks like hard math will turn people away.


In conclusion, chapter 1 from SICP has been worth the time and definitely a good start for a foundation in computer science. I think that the first chapter is a good read for any software developer. I'm looking forward to continuing with the rest of the book.

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